The Wandering Jones is a small business operating from Perth, WA and specialises in pressed flower art.

Hey I’m Lorry/Lauren/The Wandering Jones.
I make unique pressed flower art mostly using pressed flowers and foliage from my garden. I celebrate the divine femininity entwined with the message of body positivity by incorporating line art of women in my work.

I got inspired by a nail in the wall. Sounds a bit strange, but seriously... I rented a house once and there was a nail already in the wall. I thought, "Perfect! I'll have to make something to hang there!"
I’m a 29 year old Mother of two residing in Perth, Australia. I started The Wandering Jones when my son was 2. I needed something that connected me to my old self. I felt my identity got a little lost in Motherhood and this business made me feel like myself again. I specialise in wall art, from wood burnt pieces to pressed flower frames and macrame. All unique and one of a kind. I put a lot of passion and love into everything that I make, and I feel unbelievably grateful that people choose my art to hang in their homes, and to gift to their loved ones.
I put a lot of love & intent into every single one of my pieces. 

I believe decorating your home/space, to reflect who you are as a person, is so important! I am so beyond happy to contribute to that. I'm so incredibly honoured to every single person who has a piece of my heart hanging on their wall.

Thank you for being here.